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Sufi Lineage

The Sufi Qadiriyyah Order

Shaykh Muhi Uddin Abdul Qadir Jilani (RA) was the founder of the Qadriya order. He has also been called as the ‘Ghaus-e-Azam' (the highest in the hierarchy of Saints). He established this order in the present day Iraq. The Qadriya Order is based entirely upon the principles of Islamic Shariah but with mystical interpretations. It does not give much importance to music or dance.

Sheikh Abdul Qadir is held in great veneration by the Muslims of the Indo-Pak sub-continent. The members of the Qadriya order are also found in the Middle East, Central Asia, China, Java and Sumatra.

They perform both loud and silent dhikr along with Ashghaal and Muraqbas. 

The Sufi Chishtia Order

The Chishti Order of the Sufis exists as one of the four main Sufi Orders with a widespread following in India and Pakistan. The other three orders are, Qadiria, Suhurawadia and Naqshbandia. Hazrat Khwaja Muinuddin Chishti (RA) glorified this Order in India, which thrived under his name. He was eighth in the line of succession from the founder of the Chishti Order, Khwaja Abu Ishaq Shami Chishti (RA). This Order has always believed in religious syncretism, hence many Chishti Shaykhs have used Holi, Basant, Radha Krishna as symbols of divine love in their poems. Music is yet another domain, where Chishti Sufis have shown their fondness to such an extent that many of their meditation methods are based on Sema. Their spiritual temperament is ecstatic in nature with a highly developed aesthetic sense.

They also participate in both loud and silent dhikr. They perform Ashghaal and Muraqbas and some of the Sufis of this order also perform chillas.

The Sufi Niazia Order

Niazia Order was founded by Hazrat Shah Niaz Ahmed (RA) in Bareilly, India. Both the Qadriya and Chishtia Orders have found a beautiful combination in the Niazia Order. One finds sobriety of Qadiriyyah and ecstasy of Chistia as a magnificient amalgamation in the Niazia order. Hazrat Shah Niaz (RA) was an excellent poet himself and his collection of poetry contains teachings that have become a part of Sufi meditation techniques of this order.

They prefer silent dhikr and perform Ashghaal and Muraqbas. They are also very much
fond of listening to Sema.