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Sufi Poetry by Hazrat Dr. I. H. Mirza (R.A.)

NOTE FROM THE TRANSLATOR: Kindly keep in mind that these are not the exact translations. I have just tried to convey the gist of Hazrat’s message. To get a better understanding, poetry needs to be read in original. Any errors in these translations are mine and should in no way be directed towards Hazrat.

Ghoom phir kar mein phir aa jaata hun dar par
Dhoondta phirta hun ghar apna pata yaad nahin

So many times, I go round and round, but end up at your door
I keep on searching for my home but do not remember the address anymore

Yaad hai yeh kae jabeen jhuk gai khud sae meri
Deer thha kaaba kae naqshae kafae paa yaad nahin

Only this much I remember that I prostrated
I wonder whether it was a temple or Kaaba or impression of your feet

Khud muqayyad ba qaed-e imkaan hai
Khud hi aabadae la makaan yaro

He Himself appears limited to the extent of our imagination
Beyond our imagination, only He exist my friend

Unka chehra hai ru-baru mere
Hai yeh Quraan-e-aashiqan yaro

I am seeing face of my beloved
This is what Quran of lovers is, my friend

Woh rag-e jaan sae bhi qareeb mila
Dhoondta thha yahaan wahaan yaro

I have found him closer to my jugular vein
Though I have been looking for Him all over the places, my friend

Jahaan ko chhor kae apna bana liya tumko
Khuda ko pa liya mein nae jo paa liya tumko

I have renounced the world in your love
And have found the God, the moment I found you

Kahaan hai manzil-e maqsud ab yeh tum jano
Kae Mir-e carvan apna bana liya tumko

I do not care, where my destination is
When I have made you the guide of my life’s journey

Aaina dekhon nazar aaye faqat tera Jamaal
Mere mehbub khud apna sa bana dae mujh ko

When I see mirror, it reflects just your beauty
O my beloved; let it be my beauty

Buth parastee pae meri kufr ka fatwa wa’iz
Woh na ho, aaisee jagah tu hi bata dae mujhko

I am being called an idolater and condemned by the clerics
Please tell me, which place is devoid of His presence

Ho jata hun mein mast unhein dekh kar faqat
Kya mae kadae ko jaaon kae ab aa rahae hein woh

I get intoxicated just by looking at my beloved
I need not go to tavern when He is coming towards me

Kaaba-e mein sar jhukaya mehaz tere hi liyae
Buth khanae mein bhi tu nazar aaye to kya karoon

I have bowed down my head towards Kaaba just because of you
Now, tell me what to do, when I see you in a temple too

Sijdae kahaan kahaan karun rukh ko kidhar rakun
Tu mujh ko har jagah nazar aaye to kiya karoon

How to prostate at so many places and where to direct my face
When I see you everywhere, tell me what to do