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AGHAYIAH ORDER (“silsila”)

Dr. Meerza Ikhtiyar Hussain – Present Shaykh



Extinction and Subsistence in Allah i.e. "Fana Fil-lah" and "Baqa Bil Lah".

The ‘extinction of the self in Allah’ i.e. “fana fil-lah” is the transition to the state of “baqa bil-lah” or the ‘eternal life in union with Allah.’ By passing away from self, the individual does not cease to exist, but the individuality is absorbed into the Love of Allah which gives him an everlasting awareness of the all-pervading presence of Oneness. As Mevlana Rumi has said :
A certain man knocked at his friend’s door. His friend asked,‘Who’s there?’
‘I’ he answered.
‘Begone! there is no place for the raw in my home’ said his friend.
He turned sadly away and for a whole year, the flames of separation consumed him. Then one day, he again knocked at his friend’s door.
‘Who is there?’
‘You! O charmer of all hearts.’
‘Now, since you are I, come in! as there is no room for two I’s in this house.

Another event from the life of two Sufi Shaykhs reflects the same realm:

Shibli went to visit Junaid. The wife of Junaid was about to conceal herself modestly behind a screen. Junaid said,‘Stay where you are – Shibli is absent.’
At that moment, Shibli began to weep.
Junaid said to his wife,‘You must now be absent, for Shibli has returned.’

This absorption in the love of Allah brings a Sufi not only in touch with the spring of beauty within his being but his “qalb” i.e. spiritual heart also moves into a realm of ecstasy. This is how, such a beautiful literature has been contributed by the Sufis to the humanity.