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Tawheed: Wahdat-ul-Wajud
Tasawwuf: From an Islamic Perspective

AGHAYIAH ORDER (“silsila”)

Dr. Meerza Ikhtiyar Hussain – Present Shaykh


Dr. Meerza Murtuza Hussain (RA)

It will not be an exaggeration to say that he was an institution in himself. He was a physician by profession, but being a successor of Hazrat Agha Sahib (RA) he was able to transform hundreds of people into loving human beings. He was the centre of attraction for people of every religion and walk of life. He was also one of the most famous physicians of Jabalpur and had three clinics. It is amazing to see the balance of spirituality and worldliness in his life, as on one hand he was a Maseeha for the victims of diseases and side by side he was a transforming force for people with spiritual ailments.